Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Krishna Iyer: The Wolf in Sheep's skin

All Kerala Christians should unite regardless of the denomination or rite for the cause of protecting the community from attacks from outside. It is high time we realise the Anti-Christian unholy alliance of Hindu fascists, Muslim terrorists and Communist opportunists. As a latest instance, the controversial recommendation of Justice Krishna Iyer to take away the right of couples to decide the number of children is not only an attempt to deny human rights to the citizens but also part of a hidden agenda to make India a Hindu-only nation by gradually decreasing the percentage of minority communities. By this Krishna Iyer has revealed his Brahmin fascist face. When church responded naturally against the irresponsible remarks of Iyer, every Tom, Dick and Harry jumped out from all corners to accuse church as if they were waiting for a chance to condemn the church and Christians. Unfortunately, we the Christians is the community with least unity. Therefore these hate mongers are not answered effectively.